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Brief Subject

17.03.2017Instructions on inclusion of additional details in the Seniority List published by various Departments - Following uniform format for Seniority List
13.02.2003Providing personal staff to the Chairman of Board/ Corporations
18.10.2002Prior approval of Lt. Governor for the foreign tours undertaken by Govt. Servants
18.10.2002Air journey by non-entitled Officers - Instructions - Reg.
26.10.2001Proposals for continuance of all Group A, B & C posts - Reg.
27.07.2001Group A & B Officers-Admitting Officers into retirement on superannuation.
03.12.1999Naming and renaming of Government Buildings/ Institutions
19.08.1998Prompt disposal of matters and quick transaction of business - Reg.
17.08.1998Procedure to be followed in the transmission of files approved by the Lieutenant Governor
02.07.1991Submission of files to Lieutenant Governor - Instructions - Issued
02.07.1991Revised standing orders in supersession of Standing orders issued in Appointments Department's No.1-799/67-Appts.
22.05.1985Rules of Business in respect of Chief Minister
23.03.1985Rules of Business in respect of Chief Minister
01.07.1963Business of the Government of Pondicherry (Allocation) Rules, 1963