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Brief Subject

27.11.2017Result for the Common General Departmental Test for Ministerial Staff held on 29.01.2017
03.03.2017 Notification of result for the 'Accounts Test for Subordinate Officers' held on 18.12.2016
05.01.2017 Notification of result for the 'Judicial Test' held on 05.11.2016 and 06.11.2016
25.02.2016 Notification of result dated 25.02.2016 of Accounts Test (Higher) held on 24.01.2016
13.01.2016 Notification of result dated 13.01.2016 of Departmental Test
in Agriculture held on 31.10.2015
23.12.2015 Notification of result dated 23.12.2015 of Departmental Test for Officers in Health Department held on 11.10.2015
30.06.2015 Notification of result dated 30.06.2015 of Accounts Test for Subordinate Officers held on 21.02.2015
16.02.2015Results of the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for recruitment to the post of Upper Division Clerk held on 21.12.2014
14.01.2015Notification of result dated 14.01.2015 of Accounts Test for Executive Officers held on 30.11.2014
28.11.2013Departmental test for Officers in Health Department
21.03.2012Departmental test in Community Development
16.02.2012Departmentaltest for Engineering Staff /officers of Electricity Department Test
24.01.2012Accounts Test (Higher)
14.07.2011Accounts Test for Subordinate Officers
13.07.2011Common General Departmental Test for Ministerial Staff
13.07.2011Special Speed Test in Shorthand (English) for Grant of Special Allowance to Stenographers Grade-III
12.07.2011Accounts Test for Executive Officers
12.07.2011Labour Test
12.07.2011Registration Test
13.05.2010Departmental Test in Transport
12.05.2010Registration Test
11.05.2010Departmental Test for Officers In Health Department
18.03.2010Departmental Test for Engineering Staff /Officers of Public Works Department
12.02.2009Accounts Test for Executive Officers